The bloom of youth

By Childsplay

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  1. Cuckanandy
    Chris Childs
  2. The Noodle Vendor
    Sweetest Blooms
  3. Buddy’s
    The Wooden Whale
    The Farmer’s Daughter
  4. Where Are You Tonight I Wonder
  5. Lara’s
    The Burning Snowball
    Farewell To London
  6. Sailing Off To Yankeeland
  7. The Bloom Of Youth
    Temple House
    Sailing In
  8. Turka
  9. The Fiddle And The Drum
  10. Acadia March
    Essex Wedding
  11. Maids Of Galway
    Jenny Picking Cockles
  12. Lovely Annie
  13. One To One

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Re: The bloom of youth

Childsplay. The bloom of youth: fiddlers, fiddles & fiddlemaker; with special guest Karan Casey. - Cambridge, MA: Childsplay Records CR007, 2018.