Raining Notes

By Enda Seery

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  1. The Smell Of Freshly Cut Grass
    The Derravaragh
  2. Garranmore
    The Hills Of Tipperary
    Plea Bargain
  3. Eibhli Gheal Chiuin Ni Chearbhaill
  4. The Bucks Of Westmeath
    The Waddling Gander
  5. The Greenway
    Ciaran’s Wish
  6. The Swans At Claddagh
    The Bag Of Spuds
    The Prince’s Feather
  7. The Hunt
  8. The Windway
    Paddy’s Whiskers
  9. Con Cassidy’s
    Tonagh House
    The Glasson Roses
  10. Tom Steele’s
    Trip It Up The Stairs
  11. On Leaving Lough Melvin’s Shore
  12. Ca Bhfuil An Solas
    Days On Bofin
    The Finish Line In Sight
  13. Devanny’s Goat
    The Hunter’s House

Two comments

Enda Seery - Raining Notes

From Enda’s website:

Track 1 - The Smell of Freshly Cut Grass/Kelleher’s/The Derravaragh (Slides) D flute.
Obviously the smell of freshly cut grass inspired me to compose the first tune! I picked up Kelleher’s from the classic fiddle and flute duet album ‘Born for Sport’ from Paul O’Shaughnessy and Harry Bradley. I composed the Derravaragh slide for the Derravaragh Westmeath Comhaltas Youth Group in 2014.

Track 2 - Garranmore/The Hills of Tipperary/Plea Bargain (Reels) B whistle.
Garranmore is a composition of Sean Ryan, such a fantastic traditional composer. The Hills of Tipperary is one of many great compositions of Paddy O’Brien. I first heard Plea Bargain from a lovely accordion and flute duet album from John Regan and Patsy Maloney.

Track 3 - Éibhlí Gheal Chiúin Ní Chearbhaill (Slow Air) C flute.
This air is from Edward Bunting’s 1809 collection and I was particularly taken by a version from Sean Potts on his album ‘Number 6’.

Track 4 - The Bucks of Westmeath/The Waddling Gander (Jigs) F flute.
The Bucks of Westmeath is an old jig aptly titled for the three Westmeath bucks on the album! Jack and Charlie Coen recorded The Waddling Gander on ‘The Branch Line’ album from 1977.

Track 5 - The Greenway/Ciaran’s Wish (Hornpipes) Eb whistle.
I live very close to the Old Railway Greenway between Mullingar and Athlone. It’s a wonderful amenity. Ciaran’s Wish was composed by the late John Brady (Killeigh, Co. Offaly) for his grandson Ciarán. John Brady was a gifted composer.

Track 6 - The Swans at Claddagh/The Bag of Spuds/The Prince’s Feather (Reels) C whistle.
One summer’s evening, sitting at Claddagh Pier, Galway City and I watched the swans go by and this melody came to me when I travelled home. The Bag of Spuds is a well-known reel. I play it in a lower E minor key here. Maurice Lennon of Stockton’s Wing fame composed the Prince’s Feather. Another gifted composer is Maurice.

Track 7 - The Hunt (Set Dance) D flute.
I used to hear button accordion players play The Hunt set dance at Fleadh competitions years ago. I play it in a different key of A here.

Track 8 - The Windway (slip jig)/Paddy’s Whiskers (jig) Bb whistle.
The Windway is an essential component of the whistle and it’s important that it doesn’t get clogged! Paddy’s Whiskers jig can be found in the O’Neills Collection.

Track 9 - Con Cassidy’s (Barndance)/Tonagh House/The Glasson Roses (Reels) D flute.
The first tune is a lovely barndance associated with Donegal fiddler Con Cassidy. I composed Tonagh House and The Glasson Roses reels as part of a suite of music that I was asked to compose in 2016 to honour Eilis and Emily Elliott and their involvement in the 1916 Easter Rising. They grew up in Tonagh House in Glasson, Co. Westmeath.

Track 10 - Tom Steele’s/Trip it up the Stairs (Flings) Eb flute.
Button accordion player John Joe Gannon recorded these two flings on his album ‘A Blast from the Past’ (1996) at the age of 81. I was lucky to meet and play with John Joe a few times.

Track 11 - On Leaving Lough Melvin’s Shore (Waltz) D flute.
Another beautiful composition from Maurice Lennon. Lough Melvin in Co. Leitrim is a lake which is internationally renowned for its unique range of plants and animals.

Track 12 - Cá bhfuil an Solas/Days on Bofin/The Finish Line in Sight (Jigs) D whistle.
I’m a big fan of Peadar O’Riada compositions and Cá bhfuil an Solas has a lovely feel to it. I composed Days on Bofin in 2011 after a memorable weekend spent on Inishbofin Island off the coast of Galway. This one is for you Francis Day and all the Islanders! The Finish Line in Sight refers to my other passion of running road races.

Track 13 - Devanny’s Goat/The Hunter’s House (Reels) Eb flute.
John Byrne and I always enjoy playing this set of reels. The Hunter’s House is from the pen of renowned composer Ed Reavy. John is such a stylish banjo player.