Musical Ties

By Troy MacGillivray

  1. Frank Gilruth
    Oriental Hornpipe
    Trafalgar Hornpipe
  2. Perthshire Volunteers
    Trip To Windsor
  3. Murray The Woodcarver
    Miss Anderson
    Jack’s Hall
  4. Glen Calladh Castle
    Sir David Davidson of Cantray
    Jackie Coleman’s
    Mist Over The Loch
  5. Robert Cormack Of Aberdeen
  6. Mrs. Oswald
    Port Mur Na Lurgann
    Fisher’s Wedding
    Clydesdale Lasses
    Lady Wallace
  7. The Grand Piano
    My Mary Anne
    The Wexford Lasses
  8. Colin Rankin’s
    B Minor Reel
  9. The Lone Highland Glen
  10. An E Flat Strathspey
    The 1939 Kalamazoo
    Get Reel
  11. Favourite Flirtation
    Miss A. McGlacken
    Janet Beaton
  12. Athole Brose
    The New Brig O’Dee
    The Uist Lasses’ Darling
    The Bride’s
  13. Musical Ties
    Cool Cuts
  14. Dickie Rogers’ Pedestal
    Triplet Clog
    A Tune For Troy
    Tracey’s Piano
    The Devil And The Dirk

One comment

Re: Musical Ties

Issued in 2001. Here Troy plays both fiddle and piano - very good on both.