Hooklines & Stinkers

By Colm Mac Lochlainn

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  1. dermot
  2. The Bantry Girls’ Lament
  3. Neansaí ‘Mhile Grá
  4. A Smoker’s Lament
  5. Harvest Time
  6. Magnolia
  7. The Diamantina Drover
  8. They Wouldn’t Be That Stupid
  9. Same Old Chords
  10. Interesting Times
  11. Right All Along
  12. I Ride An Old Paint

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Re: Hooklines & Stinkers

A 2018 release from singer/guitarist Colm Mac Lochlainn, who can be seen at music and singing sessions in and around the Gort/Crusheen area in Clare.

Mainly self-penned, joined by three traditional numbers, a J J Cale song and one from Hugh McDonald.

For copies, contact colmmaclochlainn@hotmail.com