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Re: Suantraí

Suantraí, pronounced “SOON-tree,” is an Irish word that means “lullabies,” and can also mean a feeling of gentleness and comfort. The word was introduced to us by our good friend, Eoin O’Neill.

This album was recorded DSD PURE to a Sonoma workstation through an 8 channel Grace preamp and Meitner MKIII A to D positioned close to the artists for the best sonic integrity.  It is the first in a series of DSD PURE “Corner Recordings” from Super Audio Center and Immersive Studios in Boulder Colorado.
Jon’s guitar and banjo were recorded with a Shure KSM 32 and a Royer R-121 ribbon microphone.
Adam’s fiddle was recorded with a Shure KSM 32 and an AEA R-92 ribbon microphone.
In addition, two Shure KSM 32’s were used to record the room.

Produced by Jonathan Skinas
Engineered by Jonathan Skinas
DSD Sonoma Mix and Mastering by Jonathan Skinas
Recorded at Immersive Studios, Boulder CO
Graphic design by Adam Agee (
Photography by Margaret Thompson; photo of princess by Jon Sousa

Re: Suantraí

The bandcamp listed above is Jon Sousa’s, not their collective page. This is the correct link to Jon Sousa and Adam Agee’s music:

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