By Paul McGrattan

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This CD is constantly on high rotation for me! Every flute player should take a listen, great stuff. Also noteworthy are sounds of nature from Ireland on some tracks, roaring waves or birds chirping… could be construed as new agey but I have come to really like it.

Guest musicians include Arty McGlynn, Paddy Glackin, Noel O’Grady, Colm Murphy, Gavin Ralston.

As far as I know those “new agey” sounds are purely accidental, the result of Paul recording this CD in his house on Achill Island. He is hardly the “new agey” sort.

Not at all, LongNote, I didn’t mean to imply otherwise, just giving potential listeners a heads up. The sleeve notes confirm everything you say, ie the stream sounds originate from the stream running behind his house. It’s probably one of the reasons I love this CD so much, sitting in dusty, rural Arizona, the roaring ocean & other sounds of Irish nature, & his stellar playing, absolutely transport me to a greener place than here.

Tunes on the Track 7

middle tune: The Old Ruined Cottage
last one: The Lilies in the Field

I love the last track. Nice tunes on Bb flute, accompanied by stream sounds and birds’ singing.