Live In Concert

By The Bothy Band

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Not to be confused with “Afterhours”

This album is a live recording of a concert at the BBC. It’s a different “live in concert” to the Afterhours album, which was recorded in Paris.

This one isn’t quite up to the superb quality of Afterhours, but it’s still great.

Re: Live In Concert Radio BBC

This BBC Live In Concert Record was recorded in two different locations on different dates. July 15 1976, recorded at BBC Paris Theatre,London, ad July 24, 1978, recorded at the National, Kilburn, London. Micheal O domhnaill, guitar; Triona Ni Dhomhnaill, clavinet; Donal Lunny, bouzouki; Kevin Burke, fiddle; Matt Molloy, flute; Peter Browne, uilleann pipes

Paddy Keenan

You forgot to mention Paddy Keenan, who plays pipes on tracks 10-16. Micheal & Triona also sing on this as well.

Hey Jeremy, why did you list Rosie Finn’s Favorite and Sean Bui as Two Jigs? Now the recording doesn’t come up in the tune enrty. Is there any way to change that?

Can anyone tell me who it is anouncing the tunes on tracks 7 & 8? Is that Donal Lunny? Just curious.



This is an amazing piece of history and captures the band warts ‘n’ all - though they had amazing warts!! Would have liked to hear Dr. Keenan on the whole CD but he was “poorly” for half of the tracks - Peter Browne does fine but he’s no Paddy. I laapped this up, and my favourite is the Garret Barry’s tune seguing into The Bucks with assorted hoots of encouragement from a liquefied audience.

Thirty years on, and nobody has come close to this. The ultimate contemporary trad band, jigs and reels with a rock ‘n’ roll heart.


last track starts with lietrim’s (sp?) fancy I think

Anyone know where I can get this CD at a reasonable price? IT’s £40-£50 on Amazon and my web searches came up with nothing less!

Missing tune

Does anyone have a title for the tune that follows “Drunken Landlady” in the “Morning Star” set?

Never mind

It’s Fisherman’s Lilt again--not paying attention.