Amongst Friends

By Joe McHugh

  1. Valencia Harbour
  2. The Sheep In The Boat
    Child Of My Heart
    Old Tipperary
  3. Maud Millar
    The Sod Of Turf
    Liscannor Bay
  4. Her Golden Hair Hanging Down Her Back
    The Peacock’s Feather
  5. The Kerry Lasses
    Johnny McIljohn’s
  6. The Banks Of The Clyde
  7. Haul Her Across The Road
    The Priest And His Boots
    Paddy Taylor’s
  8. The East Clare
    Farewell To Miltown
  9. Maguire And Patterson’s
  10. O’Connell’s
    Palmer’s Gate
    The Lady’s Cup Of Tea
    The Pretty Girls Of Mayo
  11. Amongst Friends
    The Old Woods Of Limerick

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Re: Amongst Friends

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