The Big Birl

By Robert Mathieson

  1. Song For The Smallpipe
    The Egg And The Fiddle
    The Sting In The Tale
  2. The Tap Dancer
    D. J. Archie
    Blue Jig
  3. The Big Birl
  4. Minuette
  5. The First Fifty
    The Angels’ Share
  6. Breton Air
    Long Island
  7. The Red Fox
  8. The Carnival
    The Calypso Piper
  9. The Mink Sporran
    Highland Academy
    The Compiler’s
    The Celtic Matador
    The Spanish Piper
  10. Fair Maiden’s Prayer
    Staffordshire Highland Gathering
  11. Desert Storm
  12. Starjump
    The Devil’s Staircase
  13. The Bothwell
    The Unknown Motive
  14. Slow Air - The Bells Of Dunblane

One comment

Re: The Big Birl

Released in 1997, this has a whole raft of other instruments on it accompanying the pipes.