By Rodney Miller

  1. Gypsy Stomp
    In Walked Bud
  2. Ronde Des Voyageurs
    Reel De Montebello
    Hommage À Edmond Parizeau
  3. Rambling Pitchfork
    Four Courts
  4. Kilcommon
    The Volunteer
  5. All That You Ask Me
  6. Morning Star
    Paddy Fahey’s
    Alex Menzie’s
  7. Fred Bartell
  8. Da Trowy Burn
    Da Crofter’s Wife
    Da Fisher’s Foy
    Da Bonxie
  9. Behind The Haystack
  10. Pigeon On The Gate
    Racine Le Beau
    Punter’s Graveyard
  11. Förväntan
    Elaine’s Hambo
  12. Patty’s Journey Home
    Ice On The Water
  13. Heather McCarthy
    Lament For The Tobacco Valley
    Road To Atlanta

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Re: Airdance

This band included a fine guitarist and mandolinist, Dave Surette, whose talents deserve to be sung more often as well. It’s a great recording, glad to see it featured here!

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