The Rough Bounds

By Daimh

  1. B’ Fheàrr Leam Fhìn Gum Beireadh An T’ Eile
    Seallaibh Curraigh Eòghainn
    ’S Trusaidh Mi Na Coilleagan
  2. Shiny Side
    12th Of June
    Francis Street No3
  3. Tha Fadachd Orm Fhìn
  4. Traditional
    John Garroway
  5. Òran Bhàgh A’ Chàise
  6. Peggy McLean
    The Black Horse
    Am Ball A Bh’annas An Oban
    Mary’s Fancy
  7. A Nìghneag A Ghràidh
  8. Amadan Gòrach
    The Amadan Quickstep
    Bodach Innse Chrò
  9. The Fossilised Fisherman
    Happy Hour
  10. Turas Dhòmhsa Chun Na Galldachd
  11. Chì Mi’n Toman

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Re: The Rough Bounds

Daimh just got better with two fiddles in their lineup! I was able to add all the gaelic titles from the lyrics section of their website, but I don’t know the titles of the Donald MacLeod reels (4th track). Perhaps a piper here can add them.

From the site:
Translated from the Gaelic Na Garbh Chrìochan, the Rough Bounds is the area of West Lochaber where Dàimh were formed 20 years ago. Still based in the area, the band’s roots remain firmly tied to the region by the enduring connections of the 3 remaining founding members.

Historically regarded as an unruly and inaccessible Jacobite stronghold from which Bonnie Prince Charlie both launched his campaign and subsequently fled from in defeat 6 months later; the landscape of the Rough Bounds is reflected in the breath-taking beauty of Ellen MacDonald’s vocals, the wild grandeur of Dàimh’s pipe and fiddle led instrumentals and the band’s ongoing mission to defend and promote the Gaelic culture.

Bringing a mixture of seldom-heard songs passed down from family to better-known puirt à beul and ballads, Ellen MacDonald confidently takes command of the vocals and proves she is now a firmly established star in the gaelaxy. The songs cover all of the expected Dàimh themes; drinking, fighting, heartbreak and heading off to sea, never to be seen again.”

Angus MacKenzie | Highland Pipes | Border Pipes | Whistles
Ellen MacDonald | Gaelic Song
Gabe McVarish | Fiddles
Murdo Cameron | Accordion | Mandola
Ross Martin | Guitars
Alasdair White | Fiddles

Martin O’Neill [Bodhran 1,2,9]
Duncan Lyall [Double Bass 3,8,10]
Signy Jakobsdottir [Percussion 3,10]
Kathleen MacInnes [Backing Vocals 3,10]
Calum Alex MacMillan [Backing Vocals 10]
Ewen Henderson [Backing Vocals 3,10]

Re: The Rough Bounds

Colin and I got a "promo" copy of this CD for our radio programme, so I’m able to give the titles on track 4, which is listed on the back of the "digipak" as "Donald MacLeod’s Reels". The inside gives all of the tune titles, as for tracks #2, 6, 8, and 9. I’ve filled them out to.

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Re: The Rough Bounds

Thanks, Kenny. That is the only problem with digital downloads, missing out on the album notes.