Boston Fiddle: The Dudley Street Tradition

By Frank Ferrel

  1. Mrs. Hogan’s Birthday
    Grape Juice
    Miss Hamilton’s
    The Wind-Up
  2. The Highland
    The Position
  3. Money In Advance
    Alexander Thom’s
  4. Belgrave Square
    The Mill Of Kylemore
  5. The King
  6. Tarbolton Lodge
    Humors of Lisdale
    Landstown Lass
  7. Close To The Floor
    Little House Around The Corner
    Over Land And Sea
  8. Holly Geraghty’s
    Down North
  9. The Scotty
    Doucet’s G-Minor
  10. The Soldier’s Cloak
    The Muckin’ O Gordy’s Byre
  11. Connemara Stockings
    Sheila Coyle’s
  12. Clear The Track
  13. Ann MacFarlane’s Favorite
    Tipperty’s Jean
    Two Pauls
  14. Lady Bartlett’s Whim
  15. The Wink Of Her Eye
    Katy Is Waiting
    Little Brown Jug
  16. The Haywood Schottische
    The Opera
  17. The Greenville Tap
    The Down East Dancers
  18. Untitled

Two comments

Re: Boston Fiddle: The Dudley Street Tradition

Pretty good fiddling by New England player Frank Ferrel. The first track is made up of four reels that sound very similar, all modulating between F major and D minor in different orders. Some nice Irish, Cape Breton, French Canadian and New England tunes here, including an unusual setting of the Connemara Stockings and a version of the "Humours of Lisadell" with a horribly mangled title, but despite this, a good mix of tunes. The "Doucet" mentioned, by the way, is Nova Scotia/New England fiddler Tommy Doucet, who appears with Ferrel on a couple tracks.

Re: Boston Fiddle: The Dudley Street Tradition

The CD took over 4 months to arrive! But I have had the Tunebook for a few years and wanted to hear a couple of tunes played by the composer.