Contra Roots and Branches

By Various Artists

  1. The Tar Road To Sligo
    The Wild One
    Apples In Winter
  2. A Finnish
    The Morpeth Lasses
  3. Paddy Killoran’s
    Gallagher’s Frolics
    Paddy Killoran’s
  4. Bb
  5. Romanian Invirtita Medley
  6. Frenchie’s Medley
  7. Eli Greene’s Cakewalk Medley
  8. Year End Two Step
    O’Donnell Abu
  9. Jigmania Medley
  10. Morag’s
  11. Erin Reel Medley
  12. Montmarquette’s Medley
  13. Aly On The Plains
  14. Reel Du Tricentenaire Medley

One comment

Re: Contra Roots and Branches

It’s a fun album to listen to, with modern arrangements of ITM tunes alongside French Canadian, klezmer, Romanian, old-time and other stuff that fits the contra mold. There’s a bunch that I haven’t been able to identify, though, particularly new compositions but also some ITM tunes. For example: "Paddy Killoran’s" (a jig), the first tune in Frenchie’s Medley, in B-flat, which is super familiar but I can’t think of the name, the second in the Finnish Polka set, etc.The artists are:

1: Swallowtail
2: Footloose
3: A Band Named Bob
4: Hillbillies from Mars
5: Grand Picnic
6: KGB
7: Portland Selection
8: New England Tradition
9: The Berea Castoffs
10: George Wilson and Friends
11: Frank Ferrel and Friends
12: Guys Can Talk
13: Contratopia
14: Domino