Traditional Irish Music on Fiddle and Bouzouki. Volume II

By Frankie Gavin And Alec Finn

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Re: Traditional Irish Music on Fiddle and Bouzouki. Volume II

I have to say, I like this album. Not as much as the first one, maybe, but I still find this very enjoyable. Slightly more frills, perhaps, particularly in Gavin’s playing. I edited some of the tracks to show the extra tunes not already on the trackless.

This album was released in October 2018 and was recorded to mark the fortieth anniversary of their first seminal album, which was released on vinyl on the Shanachie label. Still one of my all-time favorites. Anyway, Gavin and Finn had apparently patched up their differences before this recording, prodded by Aidan Coffey to work on a recording called "The Corner House Set". De Dannan got together with both Gavin and Finn a few times in 2018. Gavin had been trying to plan a final band gig, but that was not to be. For those who aren’t aware, Alec Finn tragically passed away last November.

Definitely recommended. It’s available to download on Frankie’s Bandcamp.