Last Band Standing CD1

By Sgoil Chiuil Na Gaidhealtachd

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  1. Full Moon Down Under
    Isaac’s Welcome To The World
  2. Oran Na Tombaca
  3. Honk Toot
    Lasses Of Hawick
    Night Ride To Armagh
  4. Ye Jacobites By Name
  5. Acharavi
  6. Na H-Uain Air An Tulaich
  7. Pattern Day
    Snoring Khazi
    The Kitchen Maid
  8. An Eala Bhan
  9. One Good Indian
    Morning Nightcap
    Rannie MacLellan’s
  10. Personal Statement
    Jura Wedding
  11. Soraidh Leis A’ Bhreacan Ur
  12. The Glass Of Beer
    Siobhan O’Donnell’s
    Rip The Calico
  13. Compliments To Sean Maguire
    Madame Neruda
  14. Farewell To Millennium Village
    No Time For Levity
  15. Who’ll Buy Boots For Maggie?
    For Queen Nell
  16. Oran Na Mharaine