Varry Canny

By Canny Fettle

  1. Here’s The Tender Coming
    Liberty For The Sailors
  2. Shetland Air And Reels
  3. Bonny Light Horseman
  4. Oakey Strike Evictions
  5. Shew Us The Way to Wallington
    Andrew Carr
    The Long Room At Scarborough
    The Peacock Followed The Hen
  6. Another Round
  7. Varry Canny
  8. Go To Berwick Johnny
    Be Merry And Wise
  9. Erin’s Green Shore
  10. Northumbrian Jigs
  11. Elsie Marley
    Fill The Tankard
  12. Gipsy’s Lullaby
  13. Sandgate Lassies
    Be Merry And Wise (reprise)

Two comments

Re: Varry Canny

I really like this Cd. This group puts lyrics to tunes which most of us would just think are instrumental tunes. Their version of "Elsie Marley" is particularly nice.