An Ríl Ar Lár (The Missing Reel)

By Seamus McGuire And John Lee

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The Missing Reel

This is a great CD, was surprised not to see it on here. It was actually a passing comment by bb, I think, that prompted me to post it, that she also really enjoys it. Of course it’s a knockout flute & fiddle duo, & they are emphasizing the traditional dance music of South Leitrim & Sligo. Arty McGlynn on guitar & Fiona McGuire on piano round out this fantastic mix.

This is truely one of the nicest trad albums I have ever heard and the sets are just perfect. I actually came across the copy I got in sydney -which is really weird cause its quite hard to even get bands like dervish and solas in Australia.

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Track No 2 - ‘Miss Ramsey’ on The Missing Reel Album

Surely this is ‘The Coalminer’s Reel’. It most certainly is *not* the Miss Ramsey’s of the Donegal school as in the Fiddlesticks album of Donegal music.

a favourite.
i worked in a big music copyright company years ago, and when my department had a clear out, i saved a few random cassettes from the bin.
how lucky i was, this was amongst them🙂

an absolute gem

I remember being about 5 years old (12 years before I even started liking trad never mind playing it) and dancing around the living room when the second track was played on our hi-fi.

It took a bit of help from fellow members to work out what the album name was called (the CD was stolen by a burglar along with about a hundred of my Dad’s other CDs ten years ago) so basically I had to rely on a very fuzzy memory of the album cover and roughly how the first tune went to get the name.

Unsurprisingly I bought it off Amazon and right now I am listening to this perfect Irish album.

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What a nice surprise.
Just got this album and its going be listened to a lot. It has a very nice swing. Light and full of dance and at the same time not agressive. Very elegant by all musicians