The Shetland Sessions Vol 1

By Various Artists

  1. The Constitution
  2. Shaskeen
    Paddy Fahey’s
    Fair Jenny
  3. The MacLean’s Farewell To Shetland
    The Shetland Fiddler’s Society
    The Fencing Post
  4. Arkansas Traveller
    Turkey In The Straw
    Bill Cheatham
  5. The Duralde
  6. The Lads Of Laois
    London Lasses
    Miss McLeod’s
    The High Road To Linton
  7. We Built Fires
  8. The Quarrelsome Piper
  9. Wild Rose Of The Mountain
  10. Jimmy Ward’s
    Jackson’s Morning Brush
    Trotting To Larne
  11. Jeana’s Tune
  12. Little Katie Taylor
    Master Crowley’s
    Freeze Breeches
  13. Faroe Rum
    Andowin At Da Bow
    Da Forfeit O’ Da Ship
  14. Janine’s
    Easy Club
  15. This Fire
  16. The Bonnie Lass That Wouldnae Marry Me
    Hunter’s Hill
  17. San Antonio
  18. Kiwi
  19. Margaret Anne Robertson
  20. Moving Cloud
  21. Da Slockit Light
    Da Ro’d Tae Eshaness
  22. Scalloway Lasses

Two comments

Re: The Shetland Sessions Vol 1

I bought this CD in the early 90s. I think it was my first exposure to Shetland tunes.

The Shetland Sessions Volume 1
Aly Bain & Friends
Lismor Recordings LCOM 7021 (CD, UK, 1992)

See the individual tracks plus musical support from
Violet Tulloch, piano;
Willie Johnston, guitar;
May Gair, bass

Intro Theme: Aly Bain: The Constitution (0.46)
Hom Bru: Shaskeen / Paddy Fahey’s / Fair Jenny reels and jig (4.11)
The Shetland Fiddlers: The Maclean’s Farewall to Shetland / The Shetland Fiddlers’ Society / The Fencing Post march, strathspey and reel (3.20)
Graham Townsend with Skip Holmes and Carol Dawson: The Arkansas Traveller Set: The Arkansas Traveller / Turkey in the Straw / Bill Cheetham (3.03)
Eddie Le Jeune with D.L. Menard and Ken Smith: The Duralde Waltz (3.00)
Craobh Rua: The Lads of Laois / London Lasses / MacLeod’s Reel / The High Road to Linton reels (4.08)
The Poozies: We Built Fires (5.07)
Session: Aly Bain, Craobh Rua with Violet Tulloch: The Quarrelsome Piper / Alexander’s Hornpipe (3.03)
The Companions of the Rosy Hour: Wild Rose of the Mountain (2.37)
Eart Kyent: Traditional Irish* / Jackson’s Morning Brush / Trotting to Larne jigs (3.10)
Aly Bain with Violet Tulloch: Jeana’s Tune (2.16)
Simon Thoumire and Ian Carr: Three Scones of Boxty** / Master Crowley’s / Freeze Breeches reels and jigs (3.24)
Aly Bain and Willie Hunter: Faroe Rum / Andowin at da Bow / Da Forefit o’ da Ship / reels (2.00)
The Easy Club: Janine’s / Easy Club reels (3.28)
The Barely Works: This Fire (3.40)
Session. Aly Bain, Phil Cunningham, Willie Hunter and Violet Tulloch: The Bonnie Lass That Wouldnae Marry Me / Hunters’ Hill marches (2.30)
Session. The Companions of the Rosy Hour, The Poozies and Ian Carr: San Antonio (2.19)
Willie Hunter: Kiwi Reel (3.07)
Aly Bain and Danny Thompson: Margaret Ann Robinson (2.05)
Gerry O’Connor with Willie Johnston: Moving Cloud (3.19)
Young Heritage: Da Slockit Light / Da Ro’d Tae Eshaness slow air and reel (3.40)
Outro Theme: Aly Bain: Scalloway Lasses (1.04)

*Jimmy Ward’s
**Little Katie Taylor