The Shetland Sessions Vol 1

By Various Artists

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Re: The Shetland Sessions Vol 1

I bought this CD in the early 90s. I think it was my first exposure to Shetland tunes.

The Shetland Sessions Volume 1
Aly Bain & Friends
Lismor Recordings LCOM 7021 (CD, UK, 1992)

See the individual tracks plus musical support from
Violet Tulloch, piano;
Willie Johnston, guitar;
May Gair, bass

Intro Theme: Aly Bain: The Constitution (0.46)
Hom Bru: Shaskeen / Paddy Fahey’s / Fair Jenny reels and jig (4.11)
The Shetland Fiddlers: The Maclean’s Farewall to Shetland / The Shetland Fiddlers’ Society / The Fencing Post march, strathspey and reel (3.20)
Graham Townsend with Skip Holmes and Carol Dawson: The Arkansas Traveller Set: The Arkansas Traveller / Turkey in the Straw / Bill Cheetham (3.03)
Eddie Le Jeune with D.L. Menard and Ken Smith: The Duralde Waltz (3.00)
Craobh Rua: The Lads of Laois / London Lasses / MacLeod’s Reel / The High Road to Linton reels (4.08)
The Poozies: We Built Fires (5.07)
Session: Aly Bain, Craobh Rua with Violet Tulloch: The Quarrelsome Piper / Alexander’s Hornpipe (3.03)
The Companions of the Rosy Hour: Wild Rose of the Mountain (2.37)
Eart Kyent: Traditional Irish* / Jackson’s Morning Brush / Trotting to Larne jigs (3.10)
Aly Bain with Violet Tulloch: Jeana’s Tune (2.16)
Simon Thoumire and Ian Carr: Three Scones of Boxty** / Master Crowley’s / Freeze Breeches reels and jigs (3.24)
Aly Bain and Willie Hunter: Faroe Rum / Andowin at da Bow / Da Forefit o’ da Ship / reels (2.00)
The Easy Club: Janine’s / Easy Club reels (3.28)
The Barely Works: This Fire (3.40)
Session. Aly Bain, Phil Cunningham, Willie Hunter and Violet Tulloch: The Bonnie Lass That Wouldnae Marry Me / Hunters’ Hill marches (2.30)
Session. The Companions of the Rosy Hour, The Poozies and Ian Carr: San Antonio (2.19)
Willie Hunter: Kiwi Reel (3.07)
Aly Bain and Danny Thompson: Margaret Ann Robinson (2.05)
Gerry O’Connor with Willie Johnston: Moving Cloud (3.19)
Young Heritage: Da Slockit Light / Da Ro’d Tae Eshaness slow air and reel (3.40)
Outro Theme: Aly Bain: Scalloway Lasses (1.04)

*Jimmy Ward’s
**Little Katie Taylor