Selected Jigs Reels And Songs

By De Danann

  1. Tom Billy’s
    The Sandmount
    The Clogher
  2. Love Will You Marry Me
  3. The Broken Pledge
    Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie
  4. The Banks Of The Quay
    Crucaharan Cross
  5. The Flowers Of Sweet Strabane
  6. The Flowers Of Spring
    Jackie Small’s
  7. The Log Cabin
    Bean A’ Ti Ar Lar
  8. Carolan’s Draught
  9. The Banks Of Red Roses
  10. Over The Bog Road
  11. The Hag’s Purse
    The Collier’s
  12. Barbara Allen
  13. Dear Irish Boy
    Johnny Leary’s
    Johnny Leary’s

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Is this album still available? if so where? i can’t get my hands on it

De Dannan 2nd Album.

De Dannan’s second album selected jigs and reels and songs 1975 is my all time favourite album. I have it on vinyl and the last time i saw one it was worth around £20.I met charlie piggot a few years ago in lisdoonvarna and he mentioned that the master tapes have been lost-so it may never be released again.i have recenly put in on to cd scratches an all!. It is a truly great record and what makes it great is the awesome bodhran playing by johnny ringo McDonagh,he plays a solo on one side.If anyone writes a nice letter back i may send them a copy-no profit here just cost of blank cd and postage.No kidding
mikep (Diznmike)

Re: De Dannan 2nd Album.

One of my enduring favorites. I got it a few years after I became seriously interested in traditional music, especially Irish, and it was one of those albums that truly showed me the music’s range of possibilities.
I can’t think of a duff track on the album. The tune medleys are all so well done, starting with the very first — Alec Finn’s bouzouki intro, Frankie Gavin’s fiddle soaring into "Tom Billy’s" and then the switch from jig to reel time. Other highlights, for me, are the "Bean a ‘ti Ar Lar," "Jenny’s Welcome to Charlie" and "Jackie’s Small Jig" sets.
And let’s not forget Johnny Moynihan’s fine singing, particularly on "Love Will You Marry Me" and "Banks of Red Roses."

I was fortunate enough to see De Danann not long after I bought the album, although by then Tim Lyons had replaced Johnny and Alec Finn was absent that night. A friend of a friend hosted the guys at a post-concert party, so I was even more fortunate to be able to talk with them.

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Re: De Dannan 2nd Album.

Hello diznmike, I don’t mean to sound funny here, but I’d be very careful doing what you are doing with the "Selected Jigs Reels & Songs", Decca / Shanachie 79001, LP (1978) because it’s very likely copyrighted by DeDannan, Decca & Shanachie, so I’d just be very careful. I know that you are not selling the album or making any profit from it, but just be very careful of this… just incase you have: on your back. P.S. Great album BTW!

Re: De Dannan 2nd Album.


the first with Dolores Keane was even better..its a pity it was never released on CD
Are the tapes lost too?


Re: De Dannan 2nd Album.

Spread the word Mike!

Re: De Dannan 2nd Album.

I know you mean well, Mike, but I hope you’ve got a good solicitor! I have the LP, but it’s by no means a favourite recording, and not even "De Danann’s" best IMHO.

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Re: De Dannan 2nd Album.

Mike, did you get my email?

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De Dannan cd

Diznmike are pleased to announce that there has been a winner for the write a nice letter and get a non profit made cd.Congratulations to big dave and the runner up Murrough.
The competition is now closed

De Dannan tapes lost?

It has recently occured to me that Shanachie issued the best of De Dannan a few years ago. On this cd there were tracks from the second album jigs and reels etc, so the tapes may not be lost maybe just hidden. Who knows about the 1st album this may remain a mystery. The second is still rare-so there!

1st album

I seem to recall that the first "De Danann" recording came out on the "Polydor" label. You could always ask them.

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The Clogher Reel on this album is the tune The Flowers Of Redhill, which is entered by the latter name in the Tunes section of this website.

I want this album!!! WHere can I get it?!?!?!!

De Danann’s 2nd album

Could anyone familiar with this album identify the jig ‘Ryan’s’ that is played after Tom Billy’s. I’d say it’s well known. I had a look through all of the jigs called Ryans on this site and I’m fairly sure that it’s none of them. Thanks.


For anyone curious, the final polka on the track listed as Johnny Leary’s is Maids of Ardagh, so it’s Johnny Leary’s/Tourmore into Maids.

Re: Selected Jigs Reels And Songs

…. as pointed out by me, above, a mere 8 years ago 🙂

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Actually, De Danann mixed up two of Seán Ryan’s jigs on that track. The first part is that of the "Castle Jig", while the second part comes from a tune called "Dooney Rock". The B-parts of both of these tunes start out similarly, which may have led to the confusion, but then they diverge markedly.

Re: Selected Jigs Reels and Songs

Just realised this is already on the site. There is another group by a similar name called De Dannan. I thought the group was De Dannan which is why I added this recording to the website.

Re: Selected Jigs Reels and Songs

"De Danann" and "De Dannan" were the same band. For some reason known only to them, they changed they spelling after the first 2 recordings [ I think ].

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