Lake Bras d’Or: Scottish Violin Music from Cape Breton Island

By Theresa Morrison

  1. Lake Bras D’Or
    Jesse Smith
    Vincent MacLean
    Mrs. Graham
    Maggie Gowlach
    The Green Tree
  2. Mrs. MacDonald
  3. Lament For Matthew Hardie
    Bonie Charlie
  4. The Countess Of Crawford
    The Duchess Of Athole
    Mrs. Murray
    Polpuilly Bridge
  5. Millennium Sunset
    Cam Ye By Athol?
    The Birds Of Aberfeldy
  6. The Taking Of Beaumont Hamel
    Duncan Cameron’s Favourite
    Money Musk
    Gan Ainm
  7. The Merry Lads Of Pitslago
    Memories Of Margaret MacPhee
    The Smith Of Methven
  8. The Marquis Of Huntly’s Snuff Mill
    Erskine Of Torre
    Piper Peter Morrison
    The New Brig Of Ayr
  9. Gordon Stewart Forbes
    She’s Fair And Fancy
  10. Major MacLean
    James Edingight
    Mr. Baillie Of Mellerston
    The House Of Edinglassie
    Mrs. Forbes
  11. Lady Jane Taylor
    Lonach Castle
    The Island Of Java
    Master Erskine
  12. Lady Jane MacGregor
    Gray Dawn
    Glen Morrison
  13. Dunira Lodge
    Miss Stewart Menzies
    Master John Gatherer
    Alexander Walker
    Morgan MacQuarrie
  14. The Highlander
    Majorie Lowe
  15. Ballindallock Castle
    Maid Of Islay
    Too Long In This Condition
  16. Ballindallock Castle
    Blue Bonnets O’er The Border
    The MacLean Reunion
    Miss Whiteford
    Silver Cluster
  17. Miss Ross
    Lady Catherine Stewart
    Miss Gordon Of Braid
  18. Port Mòr Na Lurgann
    The Glen Pines
    Fisher’s Wedding
    Mrs. Campbell At Craighnish

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Re: Lake Bras d’Or: Scottish Violin Music from Cape Breton Island

This is the second album by the late Cape Breton fiddler Theresa Morrison (1919-2018), who sadly passed away this past January. It was released in 2004. Her first album, "Laments and Merry Melodies From Cape Breton Island" (1999), is already in the database. Like that album, it features old unrecorded tunes as well as new compositions by Morrison and tunes from her late husband Peter, a piper. Doug MacPhee accompanies her on piano.