Flute & Fiddle

By Caoimhín Ó Fearghail and Paddy Tutty

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Re: Fiddle & Flute

Great music on this, by two superb players. Recommended.

Re: Fiddle & Flute

Love the Nyah on this album. Fantastic playing.



Re: Fiddle & Flute

Wonderful and uplifting, a superb duet album, imo.

Re: Fiddle & Flute

Great album by two brilliant players. Highly recommended.

Re: Flute & Fiddle

Paddy Tutty - fiddle and bodhrán.
Caiominh Ó Fearghail - flute, guitar and bouzouki.

They come from Co. Waterford where the album was recorded in 2018 by Danú’s Benny McCarthy.

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