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“Buttons & Bows” = Jackie Daly with Seamus & Manus McGuire

Green Linnet - GLCD 1051

Waltz clog

Any idea about the origin of track 10

Track 6

This reel is called “Reel des cinq jumelles” (Reel of the five twins) which is named after quintuplets who were born in the early 1930s and were taken from their parents to be placed in custody of the Ontario government.
Beautiful reel!

Waltz clog (track 10)

La Valse Clog (or clogue) is a traditional tune from Quebec. Philippe Bruneau’s version is quite popular, I heard people say he composed it but everywhere I check it says “traditional”, so this tune might be older than Bruneau. One should ask Jackie Daly from who he got it.
Bruneau’s recording:

Anyway a clog waltz is a popular kind of watlz in Quebec. Here’s an exemple:

And a step demo:

There’s also a clog hornpipe (followed by jig and reel), from master Bruneau again:

Waltz clog

Apparently waltz clogging is vey popular in US and England too.



It’s not very good quality, and the tunes are not on this recording, but here are the 3 musicians playing together in a session around the time this record was made.

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