The Tunes Foundry 2

By Aine Heslin

  1. Jimmy Clancy’s Fancy
  2. Leading The Way
  3. Antics Of Dot The Cat
  4. When St. Patrick Visited Ballyea
  5. Daly’s
  6. Rathbaun Farm
  7. Kilbaha
  8. First Day Nerves
  9. The Mad Half Hour
  10. Beat The Drum
  11. The Banter
  12. Happy Days
  13. Girls Day Out
  14. Lillie’s
  15. Seamus’ Comission Of Páidí Ó Sé
  16. Ryan’s Tea
  17. Bank Holiday
  18. Slow Breeze
  19. Afternoon Meander
  20. Pat’s Jpeg’s #1
  21. Pat’s Jpeg’s #2
  22. Dance Camp ’13
  23. Corkscrew Hill
  24. Quarter Of A Century
  25. O’Regan’s
  26. Pleased As Punch
  27. That’s Our Girl!
  28. Kilbaha Currach Race
  29. Have You Done The Loop Sheila?
  30. Bláthú

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Re: The Tunes Foundry 2

New project of Áine Heslin with newly composed tunes.. Will be launched this Sunday 25th Nov 2018 at The Sanctuary at Cruises in Cruises Bar in Queens Ennis from 6:30-7:30/8pm.

Áine Heslin is a flute-player/composer of traditional Irish music living and working in Co. Clare, Ireland. She performs regularly with her husband, Matt who plays guitar and sings.

She has composed over 120 tunes since 2011 and recorded and released an album of twenty three of these called ‘The Tunes Foundry’ in 2014. Her focus in 2018 was the production of a new album of compositions (The Tunes Foundry 2) and also a Tune-book comprising many of the tunes from both albums – up to 50 new tunes.
This album is made up of tracks each with an individual tune, making them easier to learn so it could be an invaluable tool for teachers as well as musicians who are looking for something new for sessions, recordings or competitions.

Produced by Áine Heslin, Dave Keary and Matt Heslin.
Musicians: Áine Heslin – tinwhistle, Matt Heslin – guitar, except in track 30 accompanying guitarist: Graham Dunne.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Dave Keary all except track 30 which was recorded by Graham Dunne, Kilnamona.
Cover photo by Patrick Keating.

To buy this CD and the tunebook please visit: