A Sweetish Tune

By Noctambule

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Re: A Sweetish Tune

Noctambule is the well-known San Francisco area mandolin player Marla Fibish and guitarist Bruce Victor.

Lovely stuff. Guitarists will enjoy Bruce’s spacious, modern but respectful and unobtrusive accompaniment. He never fails to do something interesting, but sets off Marla’s solid, musical and tuneful playing beautifully. I think this recording has some of the best backing I’ve heard anywhere from a guitarist.

“Backing” might be the wrong word… Bruce isn’t just an accompanist on this record but comes across as a full-fledged musical partner - with some beautifully-conceived arrangements between the two of them.

And of course, Marla’s mandolin playing is as good as it gets. But I suspect most readers know that already.

Tempos are reasonable through-out, too. Not slow, but it never feels frantic or rushed. Marla and Bruce are both innovative, but never get in the way of the underlying beauty of the tune.

A couple of vocal tunes from Marla round it out. Very nice album.