Half-Witted, Merry and Mad

By Andrew Cadie

  1. The Lily
    The Mad Frenchman
    The Drummer
  2. The Basket Of Oysters
    Tumble Her Over Again
  3. Jack’s Gone A Shearin’
    Sunderland Lasses
  4. Hemp Dressers
  5. Lads Of Saltcoats
    The Bellman
    Sleepy Maggie
  6. Sair Fyel’d Hinny
  7. The Sudden Thought
    Life Of Man
    Lads Of Our Alley
  8. Sherriff’s Whim
    Fiddler’s Maggot
    By Shields
  9. Lady MacIntosh
    The Confederacy
    The Hermione
  10. Sailors Are All At The Bar
    Ducks Dang Over My Daddy
  11. Kitty Will You Marry Me Kate
    Devil In The Bush
    Hexham Lasses
  12. The West Indian
    Sailor’s Delight
    Cellar Door Key

Two comments

Re: Half-Witted, Merry and Mad

Excellent album of Northumbrian tunes, played solo on the fiddle by young Northumbrian fiddler Andrew Sadie, currently based in Germany.

A few tracks can be heard from it here:

Re: Half-Witted, Merry and Mad

I find it quite amusing that on Amazon, track 10, with “Gallop ’n Shite” is listed as an “explicit” song, as it’s instrumental!