Begley McKay Stout

By Catriona McKay, Chris Stout, Seamus Begley

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  1. Annan Waters
  2. Peggy Morton
    Madame Maxwell
  3. Summer Is Coming
    Ta An Samhradh Ag Teacht
    Eilin Gheal Chiuin
  4. Rowin’ Foula Doon
  5. Walsh’s
  6. Elliot Finn MacDonald
    Da Fashion O’ Da Delting Lasses
    Matt Peoples’
  7. The Peelers Jacket
    Goodman Collection Reel No.97
    Ta Mo Ghra A Mhealladh Uaim
  8. Women Of Ireland
  9. Laybourne’s
    McFadden’s Handsome Daughter
  10. Brian Boru’s March
    The Cobbler’s
    John Welsh’s
  11. Tramps And Hawkers