Cape Breton Fancy

By Carl MacKenzie

  1. Mrs. Margaret Graham Of Inchbrakie
    Lord Doune
    Charlie Nicholson
    The Prince Of Wales
    Marie Cameron
  2. Dave MacIsaac
    Larry O’Gaff
    The Wedding
    Hugh A. MacDonald
  3. Lord President Forbes
    Inverary Castle
    The Darling
    The Dramshell
    The J. B.
    Major And Minor
  4. Arisaig Mist
    Lieutenant Howard Douglas
    Mrs. Stewart Of Garth
  5. Spellan’s
    The Rink
  6. H. Mackworth
    Miss Christy Nicholson
    Casa Loma Castle
    Ernie Arsenault’s Favorite
  7. Springwell
    The Red Robin
    Brookside Hall
  8. The Ancient Barons Of Kilravock
    The Autocrat
    The Recluse
  9. The Brown Haired Girl
    Stornaway Castle
    The Sheepwife
  10. Mr Michie
    The New Brig Of Methlick
    Kenneth MacLean
    Alex Sandy Skinner
  11. Miss Grace Campbell
    Neil R. MacDonald
    Mrs. Beatty Wallace
    Mr. Dow
    My Brother’s Letter

One comment

Re: Cape Breton Fancy

A fine example of Cape Breton fiddling, Carl MacKenzie brought many tunes from obscurity, like The J.B., the Dramshell, Kilravock, etc. He delighted in challenging tunes , like the hornpipe set on this recording. A sweet- natured and witty man, he was always generous with students. RIP, Carl MacKenzie.