The Colin Farrell Band

By The Colin Farrell Band

  1. Jim Kelly’s
    The Hunter’s House
    The Mountain Lark
  2. Strike The Gay Harp
    The Gold Ring
  3. Lady Anne Montgomery
    Tommy Peoples’
    The Sligo Maid
  4. The Bold Deserter
    Toss The Feathers
    Ormond Sound
  5. The Girls Of Grallagh
    The Hawthorne Hedge
  6. Anderson’s
    The Hare’s Paw
    Mayor Harrison’s Fedora
  7. The Kilfenora
    Farewell To Ireland
  8. The High Cauled Cap
    The Cameronian Highlanders
    Miss Ramsay’s
  9. The Hearty Boys Of Ballymote
    Coleman’s Cross
    Scattery Island
    Kevin McHugh’s
  10. The Diamond Rock (The Jug Of Punch)
    The New Policeman
    The Flowers Of The Red Mill

Three comments

Re: The Colin Farrell Band

Great recording! I’ve learned every set and am beginning to play them all at our local sessions. The first tune on track 10 is not The Diamond Rock by Joe Liddy, but in instead an Em setting of The Jug of Punch. I spoke to Colin about it and he agreed.

Re: The Colin Farrell Band

^updated it Cailen.