Brass Lassie

By Brass Lassie

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  1. Ann Lacey’s
    Taybank Shenanigans
  2. Cuando Me Vaya
  3. The Crown Knot
  4. Bog An Lochain
    Calum Crubach
    Cota Mor Ealasaid
    The Periwig
  5. Dugan MacKenzie’s
    The Blue Crowbar
    The Return Home
  6. Fause, Fause Ha’e Ye Been
  7. He Mandu
  8. Breton Gavottes
  9. Moch Diluain Ghabh I’n Cuan
  10. Round Dawn

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Re: Brass Lassie

The brain-child of Minnesota flute/whistle/concertina/small-pipes player [ and singer ] Laura MacKenzie - a 10-piece band featuring flute, fiddles, piano, percussion, bass and a brass section. I haven’t ever been much of a fan of brass in traditional music, but this works - I’ve never heard it done better.
More to say on this later.
PS - one of the best recordings I’ve heard this year, and I hear a lot because of the radio programme I’m involved in. We had this as our joint "Album of the Month" in November - equal to Matt Molloy’s latest release, so that is an indication of how good I think this CD is.

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