Behind The Mist

By Various Artists

  1. Port Na bPúcaí
  2. George White’s
  3. The High And Low Roads To Glin
  4. Connie’s Song
  5. The Ookpik
  6. Barndances
  7. What Would You Do, Love?
  8. Bunker Hill
    Martin Wynne’s
  9. The American Mór
  10. Dancing On Mount Callen
  11. The Hounds Of Letterfrack
  12. The Swallow’s Tail
    Lucy Farr’s
  13. The Bogs Of Shanaheever
  14. Diamond Hill
    Bach Amach
  15. The Derry
    The Boys Of Bluehill
  16. Wild Mountain Thyme
  17. Salmon On The Rock
  18. Port Na bPúcaí

One comment

A sister CD to “Between The Jigs And The Reels” - also posted here.

Artists on the CD are on order of the tracks listed:

Davy Spillane
The Mary Finn Group
The Kane Sisters (Liz and Yvonne)
Sean Tyrell
The Josephine Marsh Band
The Letterfrack School Group
Mary Staunton & Andrew Murray
The Custy Family
Mary O’Malley
Conor Keane
The Sharon Shannon Band
The Letterfrack School Group
Phil Coyne
Tola Custy and Mirella Murray
Paddy “Sinker” McDonnell
Tommy Carew
The House Band
Davy Spillane

All proceeds “go back into music”.

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