Highland Bagpipes

By Seumas MacNeill

  1. Reveille (Johnny Cope)
    First Meal Pipes (Bundle And Co.)
  2. Second Meal Pipes (Brose And Butter)
    Officers’ Mess Pipes (Bannocks Of Barley Meal)
  3. Dress For Parade (Cabor Fiedh)
    Staff Parade (Hellen’ Laddie)
    Fall In (Mackenzie Highlanders)
  4. March Past (Pibroch O’Donald Dhu)
    Marching Into Barracks (The Campbells Are Coming)
  5. The Charge (Cabor Fiedh)
    General Salute (The Flowers Of The Forest Land O’ The Leal)
  6. Playing In A Draft (Oh, But Ye’ve Been Long Coming)
    Playing Out A Draft (Happy We’ve Been A’ The Gether)
  7. Retreat (I Has A Wife O’ My Ain)
    Lights Out (Soldier Lie Down On A Wee-Pickle Straw)
  8. Bonawe Highlanders (Murdo MacKenzie Of Torridon)
  9. The Fair Maid Of Barra
  10. John Morrison Of Assynt House (The Isley Ball)
  11. MacGregor Of Huara
  12. Sandy Cameron (MRS. MacPherson Of Inveran)
  13. Stool Of Repentance (Braes Of Melinigh; The Hen’s March)