Trip to the Cottage

By Henri’s Notions

  1. The Merchant’s Son
  2. Trip To The Cottage
    The Gallowglass
    Coleman’s Cross
  3. Millworker
    Ladies Of Leinster
  4. School Days Are Over (Schoolday’s End)
  5. Nick’s
    The Green Cockade
  6. Tunnel Tigers
  7. The Broken Pledge
    Within A Mile Of Dublin
  8. By Clyde’s Bonnie Banks
  9. Lily Of The West
    Pleasure’s Of Home
  10. Charlie Harris’
    Sack Of Beer
  11. Trains And My Grandfather
  12. Spotted Cow
  13. Aughamore
    The Mountain Lark
    Green Mountain
    Music In The Glen
  14. Jimmy’s Gone To Flanders

Two comments

Re: Trip to the Cottage

Have been listening to these guys for a while, really enjoy their playing of The Gallowglass in particular. They are from the US, have toured around much of the country, and have performed outside of the US (eg., Canada).

The band members:
Jil Chambless (Lead Vocals/Flute/Whistle)
Michael Bowman (Vocals/Fiddle)
Scooter Muse (Guitar/Five-String Banjo)
Randy Palmer (Vocals/Bass/Bodhran)
Mark Lanter (Vocals/Percussion)
Jason Bailey (Vocals/Mandolin/Bouzouki)

Band website:

From their site:
“From soft finger-picked ballads to hard-driving jigs and reels, Henri’s Notions creates a musical mix of traditional Celtic and American music as well as their own compositions that have a rhythm and voice reflective of their Southern heritage.”

Re: Trip to the Cottage

^2007 album, by the way. They have released several others, this one being the latest. Some of the band members also have their own side albums.