Go Home And Have Your Dinner

By Jimmy Power

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Many, many thanks to Donal O for mentioning this in the recent discussion about favorite albums of 2018. I would likely not be aware of this otherwise. This is mostly live recordings of Jimmy Power, the Co. Waterford/London fiddler, with guests on fiddle, piano, banjo, accordion, uilleann pipes, flute, whistle, percussion, etc. I will edit tune links where I find them erroneous. Note that some tunes get versions on two separate tracks (Miss Johnson, The Sligo Maid), and there are no less than three versions of “The Bunch of Keys” (2 in G, 1 in A, the latter on track 31).

Some commentary on individual tracks (specific tunes are mentioned in the format track #.tune #)

1.1: Bonnie Annie is also found on Michael Gorman’s album “The Sligo Champion”, CD 1, track 3.1. I don’t believe the setting is here yet; I’ll post it soon.

7.1. Down The Glen is not the hornpipe, but a march in A dorian that I haven’t found yet. It can also be heard on track 35 as part of the radio broadcast.

11. This track has two versions of Tatter Jack Walsh under one title. I have added the second version on the track list here under Charlie’s Aunt to have the database show this, but this name is not listed on the CD.

12.1. The Yellow Tinker here is the two-part version which might be better classified under Drunken Tinker / Dick Cosgrove’s (https://thesession.org/tunes/1555)

13.2. Mag Long’s is a double jig in G I haven’t found yet.

17.1. Jimmy Power plays a two-part version whose first and second parts match the original’s first and sixth parts, respectively.

21.1. Possibly a slide? I’ll do more research on it soon.

25.1. The Lady on the Island is played in G with the two fiddles sometimes playing in octaves in the first part. I think Jimmy may be joined by Michael Gorman here, as well as on track 23 among others.

27.2. The Maid of Ballymote is a reel in A mixolydian (as is The Pride of Ballymote, which is O’Rourke’s under a different name) that I haven’t found yet.

28.1. The Irish Girl is a slip jig I haven’t found yet. Jimmy Power recorded it at least once elsewhere.

29. “Statia Donnelly’s” is not the tune usually associated with that name. The second jig doesn’t link up either. Not entirely sure what the situation is here; will research this as well.

32.1. Dancing can be heard on Chief O’Neill’s.

33.1. This is a slow air. Never heard Jimmy Power play an air before; very nice.

34.1. I assume “Roland” here refers to the accordion player Imelda Roland. Will research this also; if the setting is not here, I may post it.

A good recording, definitely worth it for fans of albums like Paddy in the Smoke, It Was Mighty, It Was Great Altogether, and so on. Enjoy it!

Update #1

Figured out the following: march on track 7, second reel on track 27, jigs on track 29, and just posted slip jig on track 28. All should link correctly. Will do more later.

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“34.1” - “Roland’s” I would tentatively suggest is more likely to be from accordion-player Raymond Roland, who was very active in the London-Irish scene around the same time as Jimmy Power.

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Re: Go Home And Have Your Dinner

Thought about that after the fact, Kenny; thanks. Just posted the tune, by the way; it’s great.

Error regardingg 17.1

I haven’t corrected this yet, but I should. Jimmy actually plays the first and fourth parts, not the first and sixth. My apologies.