By The Tannahill Weavers

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  1. Peter MacKenzie Warren
    Miss Rose
    Ridhle Cheap Breatuinn
    Trip To The Market
  2. Jenny A’Things
  3. Christchurch Cathedral
    Christchurch Cathedral
  4. The Jeannie C.
  5. Augstunden
    Paul K.’s
    Stone Frigate
    Inver Lasses
  6. Oh No !
  7. Sunset Over The Somme
  8. Fragment Of A Scottish Ballad
  9. Mom’s
    “7D” Ochobre
    Pasucais De La Villa
    El Molin Du Puirtu
  10. The Ghost Of Mick McDonnell
  11. The Road To Loch Nam Bearnais
    Tha Ceum Danns’ A Dhith
    Lord McConnell Of Lough Erne
  12. Jessie The Flooer O’ Dunblane
  13. The Battle Of Sherriffmuir
    The Cameronian Rant
    The Aftermath
  14. Nora Crionna
    The Flowers Of Spring
    Port Sean Seosamh
    Red Ken’s

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Re: Orach

Congratulations are surely due to the “Tannies” for this, an album to celebrate 50 years in 2018 as one of Scotland’s top folk bands. There is some really good music on this, their best in years, I’d say. Includes appearances from far too many musicians to list.
The second “Christchurch Cathedral” in track #3 is a jig setting by fiddler John Martin, which works very well indeed.
I’m hugely grateful for track # 7, a composition of G.S. MacLennan which I hadn’t come across before.
The final track is a tribute to the late Gordon Duncan [ RIP ].

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Re: Orach

The unknown jig in the finals set is Jackie Small’s played in A.

Re: Orach

Correction to my last post: it’s the Flowers Of Spring/Tom Billy’s not Jackie Small’s ie the first not the second tune in the famous De Dannan set on Selected Jigs & Reels).