Pleasures Of Home

By Winifred Horan

  1. The End Of The Day
    The Humours Of Trim
    The Ladies Of Carrick
  2. Ae Fond Kiss
  3. The Galway Traveler
    The Pullet
    Mary And Julia’s
  4. Fiddle Fever
  5. Annan Waters
  6. 9 Points Of Roguery
  7. Gan Ainm
    The Kinnegad Slashers
  8. Eibhli Gheal Chiuin (Gentle Fair Elly)
  9. Farewell Reels
    Win’s G Minor
  10. The Cliffs Of Duneen
  11. The Pleasures Of Home

Four comments

Really nice surprise!

Here’s a little known gem, that Win has been quoted as calling "the most straightforward thing I’ve done in years." Part of a 15 CD ‘traditional music’ series put out by Cracker Barrel, of all things, it’s subtitle on the spine reads simply "Irish Jigs, Reels & Songs." I got a copy from Win herself during Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp 2003, & I really like it! Seamus Egan on flute, banjo, whistle, nylon guitar & bodhran, Donal Clancy on acoustic guitar & bouzouki, Antje Duvekot on some really pretty vocals (she contributed 2 original songs to Edge of Silence, plus backup vocals), & Thomas Bartlett & Keith Murphy as guest musicians, both members of Popcorn Behaviour. Seamus Egan is producer, yielding a gorgeous mix & very traditional acoustic sound. My only complaint is that it’s too short.


I’m pretty sure that the second tune on the sixth track is not named Crowley’s anywhere else… This tune is most commonly known as the Boys of Malin.