Green Hypnosis

By Shannon

  1. Pipes Of…
  2. Two Reels And One Jig.
  3. Who
  4. Seven
  5. Ye Jacobite By Name
  6. Funny Reels
  7. Rubato
  8. Celtic Fiesta
  9. As I Roved Out
  10. To The Lakes…
  11. Live From Germany
  12. Dirty Old Town

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Re: Green Hypnosis

This is a polish band with a high dose of energy on their arrangements!

Shannon are:
M. Rumiński: highland bagpipes, uilleann pipes,low and tin whistle, vocals
M.Beszczyńska: fiddle
S.Bednarczyk: bouzouki, electric guitar
B.Kondrat: acoustic guitar, double bass, vocals
M. Kwadrans: bodhran
P.Piórkowski: bass guitar
M.Pancer: drums

Official website: