Out the Buckhorn Way

By Bob Hubbach & Friends

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  1. Out The Buckhorn Way
    La Belle Gaspesie
  2. Deuxieme Partie
    Pointe Au Pic
  3. The Golden Eagle
  4. Waltz Of The Little Girls
  5. Garcon Volage
  6. The Cuckoo’s Nest
  7. Alice’s Intuition
  8. St. Elmo’s
  9. The Quilty
  10. Batchelder’s
    Ross’ Reel #4
  11. Eliza’s Farewell
  12. Happy Acres Two Step
  13. Rock The Cradle, Joe
    Gold Rush
  14. Frisco
  15. Catfish
    Ripple Rock
  16. Snake River
    Bill Cheatham
  17. The Maids Of Arrochar
  18. Waverly Two Step
  19. Mr. Gubbin’s Bicycle
  20. My Cape Breton Home

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Re: Out the Buckhorn Way

The second album by Bob Hubbach includes an eclectic mix of Irish, French Canadian, Old Time fiddle tunes played by Bob Hubbach, a Michigan dulcimer player with fiddlers, Brad Battey, Jr, Andy Clark & Sharon Hall (dec.) accompanied by Judi Morningstar & Edna Clark on piano with harp embellishments by Cecelia Webster