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I was reminded of this recording when I saw the Reconciliation posted in the tunes section. Actually, up until a few weeks ago I did not know this recording existed. When I was talking to a friend about Danu and mentioned that I had their first recording, “Think Before You Think,” he informed me that I actually had their second CD. I was intruiged, so he made me a copy of their actual first CD (the one I’ve posted here), then jotted down the track names (unclear handwriting perhaps explaining why some of the names I’ve listed may be slightly off-- I’ll try to fix these at some point). I wish I knew more about the lineup of musicians on this recording, but I’m assuming it’s close to the same of their other recordings. Again this CD has a nice balance of tunes and songs, but to me it seems less inhibited than their other CDs, especially the first two tracks which pack a very powerful punch. Anyway, I don’t know how readily available this CD (I’m guessing it was released independently, but I really don’t know), but if you can find it, buy it!

Ok, few things to add. This CD is only available through Open Ear productions (there is a link through Danu’s website if you can’t find the site directly through a search). Also, there are indeed 14 tracks on this CD. Track 6 is simply listed as “Barndance”, and when I typed this in to be submitted, the track appeared blank, then disappeared. Really isn’t that crucial I guess, but just know that as the tracks are currently listed, tracks 6-13 are in fact tracks 7-14 on the actual CD. Also, after “Joe Banes,” there is a tune simply listed as “Reel,” and again, this did not stay in the database when I submitted it here. Finally, the lineup on this CD is Daire Bracken (fiddle), Brendan “Benny” McCarthy (accordian), Donnachadh Gough (uillean pipes/bodhran), Timmy Murray (guitar), Tom Doorley (flute), Eammon Doorley (bouzuki/fiddle), Carthach MacCraith (vocals).

I have this CD and I just saw them in September 2003

They were in Minneapolis, MN USA in September and I picked up this cd. This one is my favorite so far. They have had some personel changes since the last album. Most notably the lead Singer is Female (Sorry, I can’t remember her name) and Donal Clancy is now the guitar player (he engineered the first album). Anyways they said they are releasing another album this fall I think late October or early November.

E Minor Jig

There is a track on the album that consists of “E Minor Jig” and “Jim Ward’s”. The unnamed jig appears on a Bohola CD as “The Chapel Bell”.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to figure a name for the last jig in the last track, the “Crosses of Annagh” set. Its A part sounds like “The Flower of the Flock”, but the B part is different. I believe the tune appears on an Eoin O’Neill recording, but is (presumably mis-)labeled as “Pip Murphy’s”. I’m currently calling it “The Crosses of Annaghnymous”, but if anyone has a more definitive name, that would be cool.

---Michael B.

The tune listed as reel is “The Fair Wind.”

Just got listening to this CD again for the first time in a while. It’s been a few years and I’ve gained a better appreciation for the music, so I just have to say that the setting of “Humors of Tullagh” on this CD is amazing. Definitely not the typical setting that I’m familiar with. Don’t know if it’s the fiddler’s particular setting or if it came from somebody else, but whatever the case may be, I absolutely love it.