Still Gannin’ Canny

By Canny Fettle

  1. Birks Of Endermay
    Tae Gar Ye Loup
    Dunstanburgh Castle
  2. Aboot The Bush, Willy
    Mad Bess
  3. Kitty And Robin
  4. Happy Sam
    Morning Star
  5. The Procession
    Miss Eynott
  6. Jack’s Gotten A Wife
    We Will All Lie Together
    Curds And Cream
  7. Old Miner
  8. Christmas Day In The Morning
  9. Joy Of Living
    Durham Regatta
  10. Bonny Pit Laddie
    Green Brechans Of Branton
  11. Lassie With The Yellow Coatie
  12. We’ll Soon Have Work To Dee
  13. Miss Freya Balfour
    Colgrave Sound
    Da Corbie And Da Craa
  14. Trip To The Oatlands
    The Recruiting Officer
  15. Ashton Mashers
    Louise Marie

Two comments

Re: Still Gannin’ Canny

This is an amazing English traditional album. Canny Fettle had two other albums in 1975 and 1977, and re-grouped to make this one in 2016. I suspect many of these might be original compositions, as they are not linked here. "Christmas Day in the Morning" (track 8) is actually slightly different to the traditional Irish jig, and is about the Tyne.

Re: Still Gannin’ Canny

Track 8B, Cutty, seems to be a jig version of the strathspey Cutty’s Wedding.