Four Across

By English Rebellion

  1. Merry Month
    Squirrel In A Tree
  2. Tricky Dicky
  3. Harry Enfield’s
    String Quartet
  4. Gypsy’s Wedding
  5. Spanish Patriots
    Duke Of York’s
  6. The Cream Pot
    Bang Upp
  7. Will You Patch My Pants For Me?
  8. La Fete Du Village
  9. S-M
    Red Lion
  10. Bath
    Miss Gayton’s
  11. Said Too Much Already
    Wals Voor Polle
  12. Chatsworth House
    Dummy Head
  13. The Bonny Bunch Of Roses-O!
    Last Of June
  14. Angela Mary Lee
    Like A Bee To The Honeypot
  15. Uncle Jim’s
    The Prince Albert

Two comments

Re: English Rebellion

This is a great album. Mary Humphreys and Anahata play with a few more members. There’s just one minor problem in track 8: there was a second piece, just called “Hornpipe”, which was automatically removed.

Re: Four Across

A couple of comments and corrections:
- thanks for the mention and brief review! We think it’s a great album too 🙂
- The album is by English Rebellion, a ceilidh band of which Mary Humphreys and I are members, along with Nick and Mary Barber. See for full details. (a bit out of date - I’d better fix that.)
- The missing hornpipe in track 8 is from the same 1799 William Mittell ms. as “La Fete De Village”. Perhaps if you named it “Untitled Hornpipe” is would be listed by the web site software.
- I am NOT the same Anahata described above “Alias of the artist known as Nystagmus” etc. See my profile if you want to know more; there are several relevant links.