The Hard Times

By Rum Ragged

  1. Ladies Man
  2. Bachelor’s Hall
  3. Tom Brett’s
    Bill Martin’s
  4. Flesh And Blood
  5. Ragged Jacket
  6. Dirt Poor
  7. Girls Of Newfoundland
  8. Fox And The Hare
  9. Old Shoreline
  10. The Boys In Blue
  11. The Hard Times
  12. Mick Curran’s
    The Long Walk To Ferryland
    Sam Hillier’s
  13. Another Fading Light

One comment

Re: The Hard Times

The most recent album from the band.

They are:
Mark Manning (lead vocals/guitar),
Aaron Collis (accordion),
Anthony Chafe (bodhran),
and Michael Boone (bass/banjo).

Two sets of tunes on this one. Track 12 is a set of Newfoundland singles, the second of which was composed by Michael. The other two in the set are traditional.