By StringFire!

  1. Grand Teton
    Mickie Ainsworth
    Tommy’s Tarbukas
  2. Lady Elizabeth Cole’s
    Sphere Of Ink
    Indian Point
  3. Footprint In Time
  4. Grandpa’s Shrine
    Music For A Found Harmonium
    Kitchen Girl
  5. Evit Gabriel
    Cherry Tree
    Tam Lin
  6. Return To The Stewartry
    Packing Up George
    Pass The Peper
  7. Oddville Cupola
    Flying Home To Shelley
  8. Trout Transmigration
  9. Hiking To High Point
    Toy Train Wreck
    Metaphysical Circus
  10. Julia Delaney
    Dick Gossip’s
  11. Solstice Wedding
  12. Reel De Montreal
    The Indescribable Blue
  13. Grandpa’s Mint Chip