St. John’s

By The Fables

  1. St. John’s (Song)
  2. The Memory Is Gone
  3. Jolly Rovin’ Tar
  4. Bonnie Kate
    The Old Man And The Old Woman
  5. The Baby Sleeps
  6. The Fable (The Queen And Taxes)
  7. Feller From Fortune
  8. Back Down By The Shore
  9. The Village Belle
  10. Big Bow-wow
  11. A Bonnet Trimmed With Blue
    Who Stole The Miner’s Hat?
    Stan Pickett’s
    Herb Reid’s
  12. The Ryans And The Pittmans

One comment

Re: St. John’s

A popular band in Newfoundland. Not sure whether they play together anymore or not.

They are/were:
Glenn Simmons (lead vocals/guitar)
D’Arcy Broderick (vocals/fiddle)
Billy Sutton (bouzouki/fiddle/mandola/accordion/etc.)
Dave Fitzpatrick (drums)
Clyde Wiseman (bass)