Sweet Forget-Me-Not

By Blackthorn (Canada)

  1. A Man’s A Man
    Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Band
  2. Lock The Door
    Con Cassidy’s
    Hardiman The Fiddler
  3. Sweet Forget-Me-Not
    Îles De La Madeleine
  4. Farewell To Whisky
    Blue Eyes
    I Hardly Knew Her
  5. Home Boys Home
    Smash The Windows
    Full Rigged Ship
  6. Craigieburn Wood
    Gentle Embrace
  7. Joys Of Quebec
    Hugh McKenna’s
    Old French
  8. Holy Ground
    One Legged Two-Step
  9. Johnny O’Hazelgreen
    Twenty Kisses
  10. Cumha A Chuilein
    Jimmy’s Tune
  11. The Mermaid
    Randers Hopsa
  12. The Log Driver’s
    The Sawmill Sashay