By Coffee Zombies

  1. Farewell To Tchernobyl
    Spinning Room
    Paddy Drops His Cellphone
  2. Get Thee To A Sconerie
    Jug Juice
  3. The Sheik Of Araby
    Just Because
    Airmail Special
  4. Ghost Moon Over Carolina
    Hommage A Led Zeppelin
  5. Flying Home To Shelley
    Jackie Tar
  6. Inez And Elizabeth
  7. Catharsis
    Bus Stop
  8. Out On The Ocean
  9. Johnny’s Wedding
    In Zanesville
  10. I Don’t Like Ike
    Farewell To January
    Shenandoah Falls
  11. Waltz Of The Morning
  12. Julia Delaney’s
    Evil Diane
    Tam Lin

One comment

Re: Percolatin’

Their second album.

They are:
Tom Cunningham (fiddle/guitar/mandolin)
Bob Douglas (guitar)
Dianna Davis (piano/clarinet/piano accordion)