Kicking Horse Chestnuts

By Rich Sobel

  1. Bubba O’Leary
    Reel Acadienne (Sciattica)
  2. Moon And 7 Stars
    Frost Is All Over
    Natalie’s Trad
  3. Breton Tune
    Sally Gardens
    Kicking Horse Chestnuts Down W. 10th Ave
  4. Chris ‘n’ Cindy’s
  5. Hut On Staffin Island
    Saut De Lapin (Rannie MacClellan)
  6. Pig Ankle Rag
    Popcorn Behavior
  7. Morag’s
    Waltzing With Dorothy
  8. Hole In The Hedge
    Rambling Pitchfork
    April Storm
  9. 1st Part Of The Set
    Miss Brown’s
    Phillipe Bruneau’s
  10. Gypsy Princess
    Turnpike Gate
    The Reconciliation
  11. Bobcat Shuffle
    Klezmer Kerry Polka #2
    Klezmer Kerry Polka #1
  12. Longing For

One comment

Rich Sobel - Kicking Horse Chestnuts

An album of contradance fiddle music that features a mix French Canadian, New England, Celtic, Klezmer, Old Timey, Cape Breton and original tunes.

Some info on Rich is on one of the websites for a band he’s in, “The Sybaritic String Band”

In addition to this band, he was also with a contradance band, “Whiplash”, and, “Keltic, Not!”.

This current album was recorded with Susan Blake, among others.

He’s posted many of his original compositions for free online. Some of them are on this album. See: