Said She Couldn’t Dance

By The Punters

  1. The Kesh
    Bill Harte’s
  2. Reena
  3. Brunswick Street
  4. Spanner In The Works
  5. Jackie And Seamus
    She Said She Couldn’t Dance
    Green Grow The Rushes O
  6. Conscience Calling
  7. Prohibition
  8. Jolly Jack
  9. Go To It
  10. Jim Harris
  11. The Dancing Master
    The Connaughtman’s Rambles
    Market Town
  12. Come Get Your Duds In Order (Heave Away)
  13. She Said No
  14. Well You Know
  15. Prosper’s
    Daniel’s Harbour Breakdown
    Pretty Little Mary
    Joey Smallwood’s

Three comments

Re: Said She Couldn’t Dance

A well-known Newfoundland band.

Pretty sure they’re members have changed a bit since this 1997 album. On this album, the musicians are:
Larry Foley (vocals/acoustic & electric guitar/mandolin)
Patrick Moran (vocals/fiddle/electric guitar)
Brian Kenny (acoustic & electric bass)
Bob Hiscock (drums/percussion)

Re: Said She Couldn’t Dance

Your track listing is in a different order than my copy of the album? (Or at least, my MP3s, haven’t seen the actual CD in a decade.)

"The Dancing Master" is just the name they gave the track with the other two jigs on it. I was thinking "Jackie and Seamus" was the same way, but I see now the track listing gives it as "Polka! Polka! Polka!" and it’s a tune of its own — maybe one off Jackie and Seamus’s album? (Update: Looks like it’s a version of "The Four Shoves", the last track on that album.)

You’ve got the order of the first two wrong on the "Rufus & Emile Ride On" track — first one is Daniel’s Harbour Breakdown (with the distinctive 9/8 sections), second (I think, didn’t check) Prosper’s, then the last two are correct.

"Jim Harris" is a GREAT song, and I feel a deep affection to this album for introducing me to it. They seem to have a fairly traditional version (maybe learned from Pat & Joe Byrne?) which they’ve stuck into a tasty folk rock framework.

Re: Said She Couldn’t Dance

Hi Sol,

I have the CD liner & have double checked.

"Polka! Polka! Polka!" is the name of the polka\single set, they called the first tune "Jackie and Seamus". Thanks for identifying it in the database!

"The Dancing Master" is also the name of the set, but also the name of the first jig. It’s a variant of The Swallowtail, played in Amin.

The order of the "Rufus and Emile Ride On" set, they have Prosper’s Jig listed first and Daniel’s Harbor Breakdown second.

Haven’t payed much attention to the Jim Harris song, will do so! Pretty sure just about every Newfoundlander have heard The Punter’s version of Heave Away. I’ve quite enjoyed their take on Jolly Jack, which is a Newfoundland Variant of old English or Irish folk song. Ryan’s Fancy have a more traditional take on it, and I’ve heard The Navigators sing it live too.

Ryan’s Fancy - Jackie Tar: