Do You Want Kilts With That?

By Lalla Rookh

  1. Connemara
  2. Smash The Windows
    Munster Buttermilk
    Banish Misfortune
  3. Two Sisters
  4. Newry Highwayman
  5. Marrowbones
  6. Cuckoo’s Nest
    Maid Behind The Bar
    Nixon’s Farewell
  7. Siuil A Run
  8. Hoodoo Hoedown
    Jump At The Sun
  9. Irish Ballad
  10. Blood Wedding
  11. Geese In The Bog
    Get Your Crap Off The Stage
  12. Connemara (reprise)
  13. Cuckoo’s Nest (song)

One comment

Lalla Rookh - Do You Want Kilts With That?

Some band info is available at:

Based out of Colorado.

They are/were:
Paul Honeycutt (mandolin/bodhran)
Kay Williams (violin)
Jim Abraham (electric bass)
Mary Whalen (bodhran/percussion)
Charley Gannon (guitar)

Mix of songs and tunes, have quite enjoyed many of their tune sets.