Rise Up

By The Outside Track

  1. Craigard
    And Sheep Will Eat Men
    Gaït Genouël’s
  2. Sweet Lover Of Mine
  3. Road To Rollo Bay
  4. The Banks Of Sweet Dundee
  5. The Alibi Wahoo
    The Slippery
    Ferry Road
  6. The Wife Of Usher’s Well
  7. The Queen Of Rangoon
  8. Neilli Pluincead (Eleanor Plunkett)
  9. Ailie’s Tune
    Happy Opposite Day
  10. Shelly Campbell’s
    Miss Betty Ann Gordon’s
    The Silver Bullet
  11. Lady Diamond

Two comments

Re: Rise Up

Tune composer information from Mainly Norfolk (https://mainlynorfolk.info/folk/records/theoutsidetrack.html ):
- Craigard / Gaït Genouël’s Reel (Ailie Robertson)
- And Sheep Will Eat Men (Lauren MacColl)
- Road to Rollo Bay (Shelly Campbell)
- Sarah-Jane’s (Jenna Reid)
- Nina’s (Niall Vallely)
- The Alibi Wahoo, Ailie’s Tune (Teresa Horgan)
- The Slippery Slide (Matt Griffin & Méabh Begley)
- Ferry Road Reel (Fiona Black)
- The Queen of Rangoon (Brian Finnegan)
- Neillí Pluincéad, aka, Eleanor Plunkett (Turlough O’Carolan)
- Happy Opposite Day (Mairi Rankin)
- Shelly Campbell’s Strathspey (Kinnon Beaton)
- MJ’s (Wendy MacIsaac)
- The Silver Bullet (Rosemary Poirier)

Some additional information available at Discogs: