Harmonic Motion

By Slide

  1. Gleanntan Frolics No. 1
    Gleanntan Frolics No. 2
    The Hare In The Corn
  2. Cronin’s
    The Street Player
    Paddy Taylor’s
  3. Monday Night
    Organ Mountain
  4. Uaine Bheag
  5. Carraig Aonair
  6. Se Duirt Se
  7. Johnny Allen’s
    The New Custom House
    The New Spire
  8. Brian Kenny
  9. The Watchmaker’s Cloth
    The Flagstone Of Memories
    Big John McNeill (Variation)
  10. An Bhuatais
  11. An Rogaire Dubh
    Palm Sunday
    Mrs O’Sullivan’s
  12. High Time
  13. Single
    The Low Highland
    The Old Torn Petticoat That I Bought In Mullingar
    Mrs Crotty’s
    Ni Fios

Five comments

Recorded in early 2002. Featuring Aogan Lynch (concertina, vocals,whistle), Daire Bracken (fiddle, Strings, guitar,vocals), Mick Broderick (bouzouki,mandolin,vocals), Eamonn DeBarra (flute, whistle, bodhran, piano, harmonium,vocals). Excellent album, better than the first one. Mick Brodericks song about Brian Kenny is brilliant. His playing of the bouzouki is the best i’ve heard in a while. I saw Side live in The Lobby in Cork City and Mick was brilliant. He also features excellently on Zoe Conway’s album. The band were very good the night i saw them also. i recommend them highly.

If you look at the comments section of the other album by Slide, "the flying pig" you will see extra info about the band than i gave here.

Name that tune

Hello, I’m looking for the name of the first tune (a single jig?) on the last track of Slide’s album Harmonic Motion. Anyone know it? Thanks in advance!


Re: Name that tune

I believe its called "Slide in" and then its followed by Cronins